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Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring

Gunung Kawi Temple is located at Tampaksiring Village at the cross road to Tirta Empul Temple, about 34km from Denpasar City. This is the famed temple on the mountain of the poet, which celebrates the Hindu God Siva. There are fascinating complex of 11th century temple shrines and royal tombs chiseled straight out of the sides of hills.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple: The Site of what is considered Bali's holiest spring, the peaceful, shady gardens and clear pool of the tirta empul temple were once the bathing places of eastern Bali's Kings. Tirta Empul is located in Tampaksiring Village

Goa Gajah Temple

Located just 10 minutes outside of Ubud in Bali, Goa Gajah is a significant Hindu archaeological site. Goa Gajah Temple is located in Bedulu Village, Blahbatuh District. Goa Gajah mean Elephant Cave ( Goa = Cave, Gajah = Elephant ).

Campuhan Ridge Walk

This Campuhan ridge walk is the best place for you to experience the trekking activity. It’s more than only hiking trail, through its path will accompany you to explore Ubud in amazing natural side.

Rabu, 15 Januari 2014


 gets fishing on the boat while it runs over the ocean. Start fishing to drop down the fishhook in the water and pull the way of boat.
The fish will chase your fishhook and catch them. This fishing will use the power boat.
Price Include:
  • Fishing Gear
  • Lure
  • Soft Drink & Mineral Water
  • Return Transfer 

Kamis, 05 Desember 2013


A full day boat trips charter cruise to  Penida and Lembongan Island
Trip Itinerary :
Pick up at 08.00 am from hotel, 30 minutes Drive to Nusa Dua to catch the boat, Cruise to penida and lembongan island to do Snorkeling at 4 different locations, visit the beach and lunch at lembongan island after the snorkeling. Cruise back to nusa dua, Estimated return to hotel about 05.00 pm
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Sabtu, 10 Agustus 2013


A full day boat trips charter cruise to  Penida and Lembongan Island. Pick up from Hotel at 08.00 am, 30 minutes Drive to Nusa Dua to catch the boat, Cruise to nusa penida for Trolling Fishing (Tuna, mahi-mahi, Wahoo) about 2 hour then do coral fishing (snapper, leather jacket fish), after catch some fishes cruise to nusa Lembongan to do snorkeling about 30 minutes till 1 hour, visit the island to have lunch or barbecue your catch and cruise back to nusa dua, Estimated return to hotel about 05 pm. 
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